Riding school

Riding programmes

According to your age and the level of riding skills, we offer you the following courses.

Beginner course:

  • The Bronze Horseshoe programme
  • The Silver Horseshoe programme

The beginner course is designed for children up to 7 years of age. Children gain basic knowledge in the fields of ethology, diet, anatomy, care and preparation of riding horses.

Advanced course:

  • The Gold Horseshoe programme
  • Horse riding 1 certificate
  • Horse riding 2 certificate

The advanced course is designed for children who completed the beginner course. They acquire or upgrade their knowledge gained in the previous riding course.

Equestrian licences (dressage, steeplechase):

The purpose of obtaining a licence is to prepare the young for equestrian sports and obtain the licence of the Equestrian Association of Slovenia and the International Federation for Equestrian Sports for dressage and/or show jumping. The lessons take place in small groups with up to 3 participants.

Other programmes

15 min riding for children

The course is designed for children older than 4 years. It is a 15 minutes long ride around the Estate or in the riding ground where we practice the walk. Our instructors lead the horses on a lead, so that a rider can safely get to know the horse’s movement and perform certain exercises.

Riding lesson on icelandic horses or horses for equestrian sports

A single riding lesson is meant for riders who would like to try a somewhat longer ride and upgrade their knowledge. A ride lasts for 45 minutes in a group, including the preparation of a horse. Exercises are performed in all gaits, free or with a lunge line in the riding ground.

Individual riding lessons

Riders who want to ride occasionally or train for a specific purpose can rent a horse with an instructor. The riding takes place in the riding ground and lasts for 45 minutes, including the preparation of a horse.

Terrain riding

Terrain horse riding is a therapy for body and soul. It is done on winding gravel paths around the Estate. Since terrain riding includes a relaxing walk as well as galloping, it is intended only for experienced riders older than 12 years who ride independently in all three gaits. The programme includes the preparation of a horse for riding (brushing, saddling) and a potential test of riding skills. Horses are of smaller breeds and are not suitable for very heavy riders (up to 90 kg).

All programmes are carried out with suitable equipment (long trousers, closed footwear and adapted to weather conditions). Helmets are provided.