The Prestranek castle estate

The Prestranek Estate comprises three farms. In total, some 300 ha of land are cultivated. The farm cultivates approximately 130 ha of arable land, while the remaining area is covered with permanent meadows and pastures. In 2010, we implemented the measure of organic farming, since we strive for sustainable agriculture complying with the highest environmental standards. We are focusing on the production of milk, meat, various cereals (wheat, spelt, einkorn wheat, millet, buckwheat) and the sale of breeding animals.

The Prestranek organic farm

Today, the Holstein breed of cattle is the most common in the world, in particular in the Western and Northern Europe, and in small herds also elsewhere. This breed of cattle has uneven black and white patterns covering the body. Animals are grazed on pasture whenever the weather conditions so allow. The fodder is based on our own forage (lucerne, maize, grass-clover mixtures, hay, cereals). Considering milk production, we give priority to animal longevity over milk quantity. Between 1500 and 2000 L of milk are milked on the farm every day. The majority of milk is sold to the Dairy Krepko in Logatec.

Black Angus cattle breed

The Black Angus cattle breed is a meat breed of cattle, which we have been raising since 2003. Approximately 100 ha of pastures provide year-round grazing and breeding of the Black Angus cattle breed. Due to its genetic potential and year-round pasture, the meat is of high quality and much sought after by gourmets.

Cereal production

We produce various types of cereals on arable land of the Estate, namely: wheat, spelt, rye, einkorn wheat, and buckwheat. The cereals produced at the Estate are cleaned and ground at the Vila Natura organic farm. A part of produced cereals is used to feed the cows in milk production, some are ground into flour, which is also used as an ingredient in making dishes in the restaurant. The flour ground from our cereals is also available in our restaurant.