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About us

Not far from Postojna and the world-famous Postojna Cave, surrounded by meadows and forests, there lies the Prestranek Castle Estate. A restaurant with apartments and equestrian centre, and the historically important Prestranek Castle are a tourist part of the Estate. The agricultural area stretches over 30 ha of agricultural land and focuses on the organic milk and cereals production and the raising of the Black Angus cattle breed.

The history of the Estate

The Castle was first mentioned in historical records already in 1581. It was built by the Barons of Edling from Vipava. In 1728, it became the property of the Inner Austrian court treasury to support the fast-developing stud farm in Lipica. The most prominent mark on the Estate was left by Charles VI, who, inter alia, built also a four-wing stable for 160 foals. Today, here is one of the biggest riding grounds in Slovenia and a tourist part of the Estate (apartments and restaurant).

Maria Theresa, a daughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, liked to visit and took care of the Estate. Even today, the apple orchard named after her is preserved, leading the visitors to the organic farm breeding Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle.

The Prestranek Castle, together with its surrounding land, was an important part of the Lipica stud farm. After Slovenia’s independence, it became a private property with an intention to revive the Estate.

The present management turned the Prestranek Estate into an interesting tourist destination, preserving its equestrian historical tradition.

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